5 Reasons to Choose Robot Kits for Your Kids


For any child who loves technology and science, now is the greatest time in history to be alive. The modern market has every possible thing you can crave for… Ranging from the simplest toys for little kids to those technology-packed robots for the older ones. Besides, robot kits for kids may be both high-quality and affordable. So kids and parents will doubtlessly love them.

But what are the main advantages of choosing robot building sets for children? Aren’t they overrated?

Let's get this straight!

It's Quite Enlightening

Most of the kids’ robot kits come with interactive and informative study guides. That is what makes the difference! In fact, if you want to learn the basics of programming or robotics, choosing the right toy is pretty everything you need.

mBot Ranger

Choosing any building robot for kids, you provide them with a valuable tool for learning physics, engineering, logic, electronics, and developing their creative thinking. For example, programming is among the toughest areas in Sciences. Luckily, there are little guys Makeblock mBot and mBot Ranger who make it much easier to understand programming. These robots are designed to be simple and fun, so that any kid could get into science and technology without difficulties. Therefore, when talking about STEM toys and programming, it is crucial to mention the Makeblock brand.

Makeblock is a Chinese brand that makes innovative programmable robots for kids. It has several difficulty levels, for those who have no, some or a lot of experience in robotics. Children can transform these robots in various ways. The manufacturer has also designed the add-on packs, so you can make the most of it. Controlling the robot is easy via any device, for example, via a smartphone. That is quite appealing too! You probably know how much kids love their phones. Give them that freedom and you will see positive results.

Youtube video

Build Robot Kit & Stay Nanotechnology Aware

Artec Robotist

At least once in your lifetime, you’ve heard about the risks posed by AI and robots. Some people keep saying that robots are going to replace humans in factories for good and all. Others regularly refer to the year of 2016 when a Tesla autopilot caused an accident. To put it bluntly, robots will take over the world, enslave humanity and we will all have a tough time. Horror movies about AI with its malicious intent don't help much either.

Still, the devil is not so black as he is painted. Experts like Prof. Stirling are absolutely right when saying that “understanding what machines can and can’t do is the best way to address fears”.

On the bright side, kids feel they are truly becoming a part of the technological progress when interacting with different robot building sets. In this way, children can adapt to the constantly changing modern technology world. Besides, assembling, disassembling and programming a building robot help kids realize what they are capable of and become aware of their strengths. Ultimately, children get used to being inventors, not just passive consumers.

New Digital Economy Preparation

Kids grow up fast. The new digital economy develops at the same pace, growing in strength every day. E-commerce affects the market in general and consumers in particular. In fact, modern kids will be living in the world that has very little in common with the one we remember from our childhood. Today, the most influential tech entrepreneurs of our age invest billions into robotics. AI market is expanding every year, which is why those who know how it works will be in high demand.

New Digital Economy

The MIT Media Lab has recently called coding “the new literacy”. We teach children to read and write at a very early age. So why don’t we introduce programming and engineering at the same time? Kids’ robot kits are the best helpers in this challenging endeavor. It's never been easier to choose and buy the best toy for your kids as if tailored specifically for them. And you don’t need to go far afield to find it!

Robot Kits for Kids’ Teamwork & Organization

Robot building sets develop kids’ important skills. Among them are programming, physics, logic, creative thinking, electronics, engineering and much more. Still, not every kid will be working for NASA or will have a job in math or tech fields. Nevertheless, don't deny kids the opportunity to take the most of those robot kits.

Teamwork & Organization

Robot building sets are much more than just learning toys. Most of them may be assembled with friends or family. By the way, that is the reason why using robots in the classroom is always a good idea. It takes just one “Build robot kit” task to develop teamwork skills for the whole class!

Teamwork is important! Children should know how to express their ideas and thoughts without suppressing other people’s interests. Besides, it’s important to take responsibility for your decisions. These skills are useful no matter what field you’re working in.

Build to Have Fun

Kids want toys to be interesting and enjoyable. We all know about that, and toy manufacturers are aware of it as well. Building robots for kids are both fun and useful. Just choose what kind of fun you like most.

No matter whether you are escaping from a frilled lizard robot with the whole family or experimenting with lifting weights using a hydraulic robotic arm - it’s all about fun in the first place.

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Today, the main feature of most building robots is that they can be transformed into several models. For the most part, this applies to robots manufactured by CIC. One of the most popular sets is the Educational Solar Robot Kit 14 in 1. It allows a kid to build 14 different models of two difficulty levels. Your kids can be growing and learning along with this robot! We recommend getting started with the simplest models. And as kids gain more knowledge, they can move on to the most advanced models of the set.


You can invent the most unexpected uses for your robot. With some of them, however, the manufacturer has taken care of it as well! For instance, the Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit gives kids an opportunity to create real working gadgets for the home.

A robot can become a good friend, teacher or mentor for your kid. He will teach and entertain with no taint of judgement. Although we’ve listed just six advantages of using robot toys, they actually have many more. Still, no one knows your child better than you do, so you know what to look for when choosing a robotic buddy for your kid. After all, use it just as a fun toy to play with.

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