STEM Toys from Japan

Japan is all about incredible progress and cutting-edge technology. It’s been half a century of research, experiments and inventions that made the land of the rising sun the unconditional leader in the field of modern developments.

That is why Japanese robots, science kits and toys for programming are totally worth of your attention.

What will you get if you choose ArTeC? First, it’ll help you explore deep and near-Earth space. Also, you’ll learn your own anatomy and peek outside the atmosphere. Besides, ArTeC kits can show you the fascinating microworld (be patient to assemble the microscope before!). And never forget about programming, as long as this brand knows everything about it. To make the latter a bit easier, you’re welcome to use Studuino, an Arduino analog prototyping platform with open source.

Japanese STEM from ArTeC is fun and informative! Besides, it helps your kids grow successful and confident.

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