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Toys4brain: A Dedicated STEM Toy Online Store

They also go under the name of learning toys and toys for brain – STEM toys both entertain and educate. They give a child an idea about how the world works, explain nature phenomena and laws of physics, help to learn constructing and programming, develop motor skills, logic, creative and spatial thinking, and many more skills. Doing this all in the playing format!

Robots, Science & Experiments kits, electronic construction sets, mechanical models and 3D puzzles, kits for programming and coding, brain teasers – this variety of products presents STEM toys, and these toys are an absolute must have for each passionate and fearless inventor, a potential genius or a successful person of the third millennium. You will find all these cool items – refreshment for your brain - in the toys4brain store.

STEM is Moving the World Forward!

The STEM concept embraces science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and relates to educational programs and careers that integrate knowledge and skills in these areas. STEM toys help children to acquire complex technical knowledge and skills in a fun way. In other words, they foster inventors, scientists, technological dreamers who want to take the world to the new level. You can read more about STEM and how it shapes the modern world here.

STEMing People Since 2015

Since 2015, we have been promoting STEM toys and advocating a new concept of learning in general. Apart from popularizing toys that have won the minds of children all over the world, we have a more important goal. We advocate STEM and strive to be directly involved in developing STEM education and advancing STEM ideas in general.

Best STEM Toys from All Over the World for Children and Adults of All Ages

Thanks to our cooperation with established world manufacturers, we offer a great choice of educational toys for learning and fun. We offer only original products of the proven quality. Therefore, you can be sure in the quality, reliability and safety of a toy or set purchased in the toys4brain store.

What You Need to Know about Toys4brain

  • Official importer and distributor of key brands / producers of STEM toys
  • Offers fast delivery to most countries of the world
  • Dedicated STEM toy online store: it is only STEM and all about STEM
  • New product arrivals: we are following world tendencies and keeping a close eye on kid's interests
  • Online technical support: we are explaining, making suggestions, looking for products of your choice, and providing assistance
  • Many years of international cooperation
  • Devoted to supporting and advancing Ukrainian inventors and manufacturers of educational toys

Come and bring your family to our incredible world of science, robotics, electronics, and engineering. Let your children be inventors, innovators, scientists and those progressive leaders who will be solving most pressing issues for humanity tomorrow! And let them start today. We will happily help you with this.

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