Educational Solar Robot Kit 14 in 1 CIC 21-615

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Educational Solar Robot Kit 14 in 1 CIC 21-615 is a set that contains everything you need to build 14 robots of two complexity levels. Robots engines are powered by solar panels, so the kit helps the kids to learn the principles of robotics as well as the green energy.


How to Use

You don't need a soldering iron to assemble the robot, only scissors or micro cutting pliers. You will find the explanation for every assembly phase in the user manual. Beginners and experienced robot builders may choose models of two difficulty levels.

  • 1st level:
    • Turtle
    • Beetle
    • Quadro-bot
    • Boat
    • Walking robot
    • Dog
    • Wheeled robot
  • 2nd level:
    • Roly poly robot
    • Auto-bot
    • Slithering robot
    • Surfer
    • Boxer
    • Crab
    • Rowing robot

Max of fun is easy to achieve by choosing any sunny day and making sure the solar panel is in its place. Call your friends, siblings or parents, or don't call anybody, because that doesn't stop you from having fun!
Play around: find an inflatable pool, fill it with water and place the pool under the sunlight. Then build the Boat and send it conquer the waves!

To learn more about robotics and engineering, transform your robot in any of 13 other models. Get to know how the gears move by watching it through the transparent housing.
Learn the principles of alternative energy: change the direction of engine rotation by adjusting the polarity on the solar panel.

Note: Solar panel shows the highest efficiency under the bright sunlight.

Who May Like It

Everybody who is at least 10 years old. Do you like robotics? If so, this kit is perfect for you!

Your gender or special skills don't matter. This kit is perfect for both beginners and experienced robot builders.


CIC is a Taiwanese manufacturer that makes fascinating robots, solar energy kits, as well as motorized and remote controlled models. CIC toys allow learning robotics, alternative sources of energy and have fun while gaining new knowledge!

We have only original and high-quality CIC kits on toys4brain. Get to know how to identify the fake from the original here.


Power solar panel
Terms of solar panel service 3-5 years
Package size, mm 265 × 190 × 90
Age 10+ years

Package contents

  • CIC educational solar robot kit 14-in-1 (disassembled parts)
  • User guide – 1 pc.

Additional Information

Warning: this DIY construction set contains small parts.

The original certified product. Made in Taiwan.

Attention! Beware of low quality counterfeits made in China.

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Educational Solar Robot Kit 14 in 1 CIC 21-615
Educational Solar Robot Kit 14 in 1 CIC 21-615
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