Wooden Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wooden.City Kinetic Picture

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Wooden Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wooden.City Kinetic Picture is a construction set to assemble a moving picture that creates an optical illusion. All parts are made of eco-friendly plywood and are safe for use. You do not need additional tools to assemble the set since all parts are just removed from the board and connected together.

The picture is operated by a rubber band motor and works for 1 minute before it needs to be wound up again. Use a special key (included in the package), wind up the picture and observe a fascinating optical illusion. 3D puzzles are excellent for developing logical thinking; they help to research the working principles of different mechanisms in more detail, and can be a great element of interior. Spend quality time assembling this captivating construction set and surprise your friends and dear ones with the final result. Best for children aged 14+ and adults.



  • Powered by a rubber motor.
  • Can operate 1 minute once wound up.
  • Assembly time – approximately 6 hours.
  • Assembly – without glue and nails.
  • The model is made of light plywood.
  • Made in Poland.

Technical Specifications

Material plywood
Number of parts 185
Assembled model size, L × W × H 344 × 224 × 62 mm
Package size 355 × 240 × 40 mm
Weight 1.25 kg
Age 14 +


Package Contents

  • Wooden.City Kinetic Picture 3D Puzzle (disassembled) – 1 set.
  • Assembly instructions – 1 pc.





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Wooden Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wooden.City Kinetic Picture
Wooden Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wooden.City Kinetic Picture
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