Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Tribka-Trinkets

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UGEARS Tribka-Trinkets is a wooden mechanical 3D puzzle, a self-assembly model with no glue or any special tools (the parts are ready-made and can be simply removed from the board). To be assembled according to the manual.


  • 4 different models: tractor, cat, head, heart.
  • Rotating wheels.

Technical Specifications

Material plywood
Assembled model size,  l×w×h 48×48×20 mm
Package size 93×66×5 mm

Model Assembly Tips

If you hold the board with its front side directed to you, it is better to remove the parts by pulling them. In this case, if a burr is pulled together with a part, it will make a pit in the board, not in the part. The best solution is to incise the hangers with a knife.

If you have difficulties in inserting a toothpick in the assembled gearwheel, rub the toothpick with a candle.

You may also lubricate all the projecting axes of the gearwheels before installing them on the frame. In this case the friction during rotation will be minimal.

Note: do not lubricate the parts of pendulum connection with a candle – two projecting sticks in the tractor or timer. In this case the pendulum will not swing but skid.

Try to remove big burrs on the gearwheels, if any. The motion of some models is very delicate, and they may hinder it.

If any gearwheel creaks or squeaks, lubricate it with a regular candle: paraffin or wax. If the plywood edge is too resinous and some teeth tend to seize, which happens quite rarely, lubricate the gearwheel in the same manner.

3D Puzzle

Additional Information

Warning: the construction set contains tiny details.

Does not contain hazardous substance. Keep dry.




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Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Tribka-Trinkets
Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Tribka-Trinkets
USD 10.30 
USD 3.99
You save USD 6.31
In stock
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