Christmas Fair Helps Fulfilling Wishes


Dear friends!

Let's get this straight. Are you making any New Year's Resolution this year? If so, we've got a few ideas to add to your list.

Let’s say, next year you could spend more time with your family & friends and less time on your phone. Also, you could read more and procrastinate less. And, of course, study the world we live in, develop your strengths and become more... And ultimately, live your life to the fullest!

No more abstract ideas though — just meat and potatoes.

Christmas Sale

Be sure to visit our New Year's fair of STEM toys. Here you can find festive discounts on programming kits, jigsaw puzzles and 3D puzzle models, science & experiments and electronic kits, robots, all kinds of construction kits and even building blocks!

Basically, your age doesn't matter here, you may be eight or eighty-eight years old. With such helpers, you'll undoubtedly keep your resolution to learn something new or further your talent next year!

The offer is valid until January 7, 2019.

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