Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wood Trick Windmill

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Wood Trick Windmill is a 3D puzzle that will enable you to assemble a classic vertical-type windmill. The blades of the mill rotate and drive the gears. A unique Wood Trick Windmill, dynamic and versatile three-dimensional construction set is incredibly interesting for people of all ages who like to enthusiastically build, study, or collect toys, and enjoy the construction process.

Completing this wooden model of the windmill with your own hands will allow you to assess its operating principle and imagine that you see how millstones are grinding grain into flour. Windmill wooden construction set enables everyone, from schoolchildren to adults, to practice modeling skills, improve coordination of movements as well as concentration and diligence. Also, it can be a wonderful gift for your friends.


  • Moving parts work as a unit
  • Details are cut with a laser, which ensures the accuracy of all small elements
  • Whole construction set is assembled without glue or special tools
  • Made out of non-hazardous materials
  • Suitable for training, entertainment (as an educational game) or as an element of decor
  • Can be a collectible with other sets


Dimensions when assembled 340 × 135 × 400 mm
Estimated assembly time 3-4 h
Difficulty level intermediate
Recommended age 14+ years
Package size 365 x 185 x 35 mm
Package weight 1 kg
Material polished birch ply
Manufacturer country Ukraine


User manual

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Package contents

  • Boards with parts — 5 pcs.
  • Parts – 80 pcs.
  • Manual – 1 pc.





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Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wood Trick Windmill
Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wood Trick Windmill
USD 37.00 
USD 9.99
You save USD 27.01
In stock
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