Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Rail Manipulator

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UGEARS Rail Manipulator is a mechanical 3D puzzle, a DIY model for assembling without glue and special tools (parts are ready-made and can be simply removed from the board). Using this set you can assemble a rail, a shed, two shipping crates with doors, a crane, a freight carriage, and five characters. The real fun starts after you have finished the assembly. You can load the freight crates from the moving platform with an articulated claw and move them in the Carriage. The assembled kit is an industrial style collection of the shed under construction, the rail where the Manipulator moves, and the freight carriage that ships the crates. Surprise your friends and dear ones by assembling and presenting the whole collection. Best for children 14 + and adults.

Operating Principle

Mechanical Manipulator operates in three modes:
  • Riding mode (starting position) – the rotating platform of the claw is blocked and the model can freely move along the rails.
  • Free mode – the rotating platform of the claw is released.
  • Load mode – wheels and gear are blocked to load the Carriage successfully.

There is a lever at the rear side of the model. Using this lever you can fix 4 pick-ups to ensure additional stability of the model while manipulating the claw.


  • Has 356 parts.
  • Assembled without glue (parts are removed from the board).
  • You can assemble a Mechnical Rail Manipulator.
  • Approximate assembly time – 6 hours.
  • Made in Ukraine.

Technical Specifications

Material plywood
Model size, L × W × H 1300 × 1300 × 1600 mm
Package size, L × W × H 374 × 170 × 30 mm
Weight 0.45 kg
Age 14+


Package contents

  • Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Rail Manipulator (disassembled) – 356 parts
  • Illustrated user guide – 1 pc.





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Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Rail Manipulator
Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Rail Manipulator
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