Metal Mechanical 3D Puzzle Time 4 Machine Glorious Cabrio

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Time 4 Machine Glorious Cabrio is a mechanical 3D puzzle to build an elegant metal convertible that has no direct competitors anywhere in the world.


How to Use

The assembling of the model is an exciting and cognitive process that will take you back in time. The kit contains sheets of metal with all necessary parts within them that you can separate from the sheet by pushing on the parts, a set of spare parts, an eco-leather sack, a stand, a polishing cloth, a pair of pliers, a set of tools, as well as user manual that will tell you everything you need to know about assembling and using the model.

Glorious Cabrio has a lot of working parts under its hood. The convertible has a real transmission and a stick that lets you shift gears and put the car in reverse, as well as put it in neutral. The model includes a fully functional steering wheel that has a lever that turn on the autopilot regime. In autopilot regime the car goes in circle turning left or right.

The engine of the model is made from several cogs and gears, and can be turned on by a windup spring. You can lift the hood and observe the work of the engine.

Special Features

  • Wheels turning.
  • Transmission box with a stick.
  • Doors and hood open.
  • Steering wheel turning.
  • Windup mechanism.

Who May Like It

The 3D model is perfect for everyone who is fond of modeling. Who is into creating and collecting unusual things.

Glorious Cabrio


3D puzzles models by Time 4 Machine is the intermingling of the industrial age and the latest trends in the modelling.

The range includes wooden and metal construction DIY kits. You don't need glue or any hand tool to put them together. These mechanical 3D models will take you to the times before all the smartphones and other gadgets even got there! It's your chance to build an exact copy of the complex mechanical model.

3D models are made of high-quality materials. Besides, each contains moving parts which add so much realism and enjoyment to the game!


Package size, mm 278 × 128 × 26
Model size, mm 214 × 72 × 51
Number of parts 205 pcs
Material polished stainless steel


Package Contents

  • Mechanical 3D Puzzle Time 4 MachineGlorious Cabrio – 1 pc.
    • Model pieces – 205 pcs.
    • Set of spare\additional parts – 1 pc.
    • Polishing cloth – 1 pc.
    • Pair of pliers – 1 pc.
    • Manual – 1 pc.





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Metal Mechanical 3D Puzzle Time 4 Machine Glorious Cabrio
Metal Mechanical 3D Puzzle Time 4 Machine Glorious Cabrio
USD 99.00 
USD 55.00
You save USD 44.00
In stock
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