CIC 21-616 Super Solar Recycler DIY Kit 6 in 1

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Age: 8-13
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CIC super solar recycler DIY kit 6-in-1 is a set for individual assembly of 6 robots powered by engines on solar battery. All robots can be made by using materials for recycling: plastic bottles or cans, and old CDs. While assembling and playing with these robots you are not only learning about mechanics, but helping the environment by reusing objects that were supposed to be thrown away.

It can be used for studying, in hobbies, as an interior decoration or a skill developing game.


  • Powered by solar energy and doesn't require batteries.
  • Suitable for users aged 8 years and older.
  • You can build 6 different robots:
    • street roller
    • walking robot
    • bottle yacht
    • drummer robot
    • flying bird
    • racer

Technical specifications

Power of solar panels 75 Ah
Terms of solar panel service 3-5 years
Model size

walking robot - 110×120×195 mm
street roller - 165×145×110 mm
bottle yacht - 240×155×215 mm
drummer robot - 130×230×127 mm
flying bird - 325×140×270 mm
racer - 300×105×120 mm

Package size, mm 265 × 185 × 90


Package contents

  • CIC super solar recycler DIY kit 6-in-1 (disassembled parts)
  • User guide – 1 pc.

Note: Solar panel shows the highest efficiency under the bright sunlight.

Additional Information

Warning: this DIY construction set contains small parts.

The original certified product. Made in Taiwan.

Attention! Beware of low quality counterfeits made in China.

Plastic bottles, tin cans, CDs, etc. are not included.

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CIC 21-616 Super Solar Recycler DIY Kit 6 in 1
CIC 21-616 Super Solar Recycler DIY Kit 6 in 1
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